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Courtney Shilo - Make Up

Houston, Texas R&B Artist Courtney Shilo delivers visuals for "Make Up" off her new EP "Do Not Disturb". Courtney Shilo is an artist who we had heard of a few times over the past year, but we somehow never got around to writing an article on her. While we don’t know much about her at the moment, after seeing her on multiple media platforms. It was a no brainer that she is a R&B Artists that should be on our radar.

We have already had a few talented artists make their initial appearance on our website today, and the latest NOLAZINE debut is coming from a R&B Artist that goes by Courtney Shilo who just released a dope new EP titled "Do Not Disturb". Although we knew a little about Courtney Shilo before this EP but it didn’t take us more than a few seconds into track number 2 "Make Up" to realize that Courtney Shilo had some serious talent, she has a beautiful voice and clearly has mastered the ability on how to craft a pleasing project together. This EP has some great transitions in between each song, it flowed together seamlessly and it made for a great all-around EP, it’s a must-listen in our book. Take some time out of your Thursday to listen to her new project, who knows, you might discover your favorite new artist in the process.


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