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Cecilia, Louisiana Artist Highway Zay Releases “Side Of Town"

Buzzing Cecilia, Louisiana rapper Highway Zay makes his return on NOLAZINE with his music video "Side of Town" directed by HV3 Visuals. One of the most powerful tools within a rapper's arsenal, with the potential to set them apart from their peers, is the unique timbre of their voice. This quality, often underestimated, tends to slip under the radar. However, we are confident that if most of us reflect on our personal favorite rappers, each of them possesses a distinct and unforgettable vocal signature. Allow us to reintroduce Highway Zay, a promising emcee hailing from Louisiana. His self-assured and gravelly presence on his latest track "Side of Town" creates precisely the kind of initial impact that lingers in the mind.

As widely acknowledged, Louisiana stands as a treasure trove of burgeoning musical talent. Regrettably, artists within the state who are striving to carve their names into the industry often find themselves overlooked by our readers. Nevertheless, Highway Zay is undeniably one of our newfound favorites from Louisiana. While not entirely new to the scene, he has yet to fully command global attention. However, we hold the conviction that this will change sooner rather than later if Highway Zay consistently produces visuals akin to "Side of Town."

Keep up to date on Instagram: @HIGHWAYZAY

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