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Yungeen C3 - I Need Rubi

While it might appear that there is a significant surge of artists emerging from the southern region every year, one distinctive aspect of the south is the abundance of inspiration it offers. Residing in any southern state alone brings forth a myriad of emotions stemming from life experiences. Whether grappling with personal challenges, trauma, or navigating through friendships, there's a compelling narrative waiting to be shared.

Yungeen C3, hailing from Florida, possesses his own unique story, and he's adeptly showcasing it.

Standing out as one of Florida's most promising talents, Yungeen C3 has dedicated the past few years to honing his craft. Despite not receiving the level of recognition we believe he deserves, he remains steadfast in consistently delivering his artistry, a commitment that is bound to yield significant returns in the long term. Explore his latest music video titled "I Need A Rubi."

Connect with Yungeen C3 on Instagram: @YUNGEEN_C3

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