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Treno Rich - Harmon Street

Detroit, Michiagan rapper Treno Rich drops visuals for "Harmon Street". As we venture beyond our customary playlist, Detroit's music scene has captivated us, becoming a cherished favorite. The city's artists offer distinct styles and exhibit impressive collaborative efforts, leaving an indelible mark on us. Moreover, the unwavering support and devoted following that the community bestows upon its artists are both rare and invigorating.

Today, our website welcomes another noteworthy addition from the vibrant Detroit music scene: Treno Rich, a talented music artist, making his NOLAZINE debut with the release of an enthralling new music video titled "Harmon Street." Prior to this song, our knowledge of Treno Rich was rather limited. However, within moments of listening to the track, it became immediately apparent that Treno Rich possesses an undeniable talent. His rap flow is exceptional, showcasing a mastery in crafting an enticing musical composition.

"Harmon Street" boasts seamless transitions between each hook, resulting in a cohesive and visually compelling music video. It undoubtedly stands out as a must-listen in our collection. We encourage you to take a break from your Monday routine and immerse yourself in this new video on Youtube. Who knows, you might just uncover your next favorite artist along the way.

Explore Treno Rich's music journey on Instagram: @TRENORICH_AF.

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