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Sid Vicieux: The Evolution of "Vicieux"

New Orleans, Louisiana native Sid Vicieux, the creative force behind the clothing line "Vicieux," delves into the intriguing origins of his brand, its transformation from a side hustle to a thriving business, and his notable experiences designing for renowned celebrities like Ludacris and Kenny Burns.

The inception of "Vicieux" stemmed from Sid Vicieux's initial success with a limited release of t-shirts and hoodies featuring a bold "Kanye for President" design in the years 2015-2016. This early venture laid the groundwork for his foray into the fashion world.

Transitioning from viewing his venture as merely a side hustle to approaching it as a bona fide business marked a pivotal moment for Sid Vicieux and "Vicieux." This shift in perspective became a catalyst for heightened success and recognition for the brand, propelling it onto a trajectory of growth and acclaim.

Sid Vicieux thrives on the creative liberty that designing for his brand provides. His artistic endeavors extend beyond "Vicieux" as he collaborates with other brands and artists. Notably, he has crafted bespoke outfits, including a customized leather ensemble for Ludacris, showcasing his versatility and skill in the fashion realm.

Key to his success is Sid Vicieux's emphasis on taking the fashion industry seriously. He underscores the significance of diligent research, fostering a unique aesthetic, and standing out amidst a fiercely competitive market landscape.

Advocating for unity and collaboration within the local designer community in New Orleans, Sid Vicieux proposes the idea of a joint fashion show. Such an event would serve as a platform to collectively showcase the diverse talents of these designers, fostering camaraderie and mutual support within the fashion scene.

Sid Vicieux's journey encapsulates the evolution of a brand from its nascent stages to becoming a recognized name in the fashion industry. His commitment to quality, dedication to innovation, and advocacy for unity among designers underscore his impact not only as a designer but as a visionary shaping the fashion landscape in New Orleans and beyond.


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