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Seventy2Bizee And Day4g Releases Music Video For "Fare Game"

New Orleans, Louisiana music artists Seventy2Bizee and Day4g releases music video for "Fare Game" shot by Fatboi. "Fare Game" emerges as the freshest chart-topping hit, a testament to the enduring brilliance of Seventy2Bizee and Day4g. This article might just turn its readers into fervent NOLAZINE enthusiasts. What sets these artists apart is their remarkable ability to adapt and exhibit versatility, tailoring their craft to suit the soul of each musical creation. Discovering their recent collaborative effort felt serendipitous; it was as though fate had united them. With their exceptional talents, there was never a shadow of doubt that they would not only make this track work but also illuminate it.

The tune, aptly named "Fare Game," validated our initial instincts upon the first listen. While both artists bring their distinct styles to the table, it's the mid-song transformation that injects a pulsating energy, leaving an unforgettable impression on the listener. The production harmonizes lively keys with carefree synths, a rejuvenating percussion groove, and subtly commanding drum patterns. This musical canvas flawlessly sets the stage for Seventy2Bizee and Day4g's vocals, radiating brilliance from the opening note to the final echo of the track.

Stay updated and dive deeper by following them on Instagram: @SEVENTY2BIZEEE and @FLEADAY4

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