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Prentiss, Mississippi Artist Sen Releases Visuals For "Heart of The City"

Prentiss, Mississippi music artist Sen releases visuals for "Heart of the City". Mississippi boasts a wealth of young musical talent, and it's easy for some lesser-known acts to be overlooked. Sen, one of our favorite artists from the state, has been making waves despite not yet fully capturing global attention. However, with releases like "Heart of the City," we believe it won't be long before Sen becomes a household name.

Discovering a new artist is a unique experience that unveils the impact and authenticity behind their work. Listening to Sen's music provides a window into his passion, influences, and genuine love for his craft. This connection with artists is rare, but when it happens, it's impossible to ignore. This brings us to our recent discovery, Sen. While much remains unknown about this highly talented hip-hop artist, one thing is certain – Sen demands close attention. His latest single, "Heart of the City," exemplifies why Sen is an artist worth getting acquainted with.

Follow Sen on Instagram: @JAVARIH

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