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Pokahonezz - BO$$

Compton native Pokahonezz releases music video for "BO$$". Pokahonezz fearlessly confronts the potential to incite others, particularly when delving into sensitive subjects and emotions. She unabashedly vocalizes her unfiltered thoughts, fearlessly tackling topics such as sexuality and other traditionally contentious subjects. Pokahonezz makes no apologies when her opinions reach her audience, proudly embracing her fearless and gritty demeanor without reservation. This audacious approach undeniably played a pivotal role in propelling her within the music industry. However, it's not solely her boldness; her lyricism and delivery of these challenging themes significantly contribute to her notoriety. She actively strives to make her stance known and doesn't shy away from confrontation, emphasizing that a female music artist as audacious as Pokahonezz has something profound to express, whether you agree with her or not.

Throughout the entirety of the song, Pokahonezz vividly illustrates scenarios related to some of the most discussed and debated topics in today's world. She delves into the specifics of hypothetical situations that would unfold if she had her way. From our perspective, it appears that Pokahonezz doesn't receive the recognition she genuinely deserves in the industry. Perhaps this is due to her controversial nature or assertive demeanor. Nonetheless, her flow is nothing short of extraordinary, her wordplay is virtually unmatched, and her attitude is off the charts. We maintain exceedingly high expectations for her, just as we believe her dedicated fans do. Don't miss out on "BO$$," and stay updated with Pokahonezz on Instagram.


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