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Mylo Waiters - Self Love

Philadelphia, PA music artist Mylo Waiters delivers visuals for "Self Love". On the hunt for an electrifying tune to launch your week? Look no further than Mylo Waiters. Poised to make a big impact in 2024, this artist has captured our attention and is on track to transcend from a familiar name to an indisputable superstar. Immerse yourself in his music video and uncover the timeless essence of his melodies, suggesting a deep and lasting influence.

Discovering a new artist often sparks an awareness of their imminent influence and the sincerity behind their musical pursuits. Mylo Waiters' latest track, "Self Love," provides a glimpse into his passion, inspirations, and unwavering dedication to his craft. This unique, personal connection with an artist is unmistakable, leading us to our recent discovery: Mylo Waiters. While details about this incredibly talented hip-hop artist may be limited, one thing remains crystal clear—Mylo Waiters commands your complete attention.

Embark on his journey on Instagram: @4EVAMYLO for more from this emerging talent.

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