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Miyaa V - Jackin My Bop

Photography Credit: @Sen.Floyd | @TheDailyGems

New York music artist Miyaa V drops visuals for "Jackin My Bop". New York is a state brimming with an abundance of musical talent. It's as if you could devote decades to exploring and supporting the music scene, but the rapid emergence of new talents makes it a perpetual challenge to keep pace. Today, we introduce you to a creative artist hailing from New York, who goes by the name Miyaa V. She makes her debut on NOLAZINE with her latest release, "Jackin My Bop." We were instantly enthralled by Miyaa V's razor-sharp rapping skills, as she effortlessly dissects the beat in a one-minute and fifty-eight-second display of pure lyrical prowess.

There are moments when you stumble upon a new artist and realize the profound impact they are destined to have and the authenticity of their intentions. Immerging yourself in their music provides a window into their passion, influences, and deep affection for the music they craft. Such an intimate connection with artists is rare, but when it occurs, it's impossible to overlook. This succinct introduction brings us to the focus of this post and our recent discovery, Miyaa V. While there may not be an extensive backstory available for this incredibly talented hip-hop artist, one fact remains indisputable—Miyaa V is an artist who commands your full attention. Her latest single, "Jackin My Bop," stands as a remarkable testament to an artist you unquestionably want to acquaint yourself with.

Keep up with Miyaa V on Instagram: @MIYAA.VUITTON

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