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Kevlar - Golden Child

Louisiana rapper Kevlar releases visuals for "Golden Child". Kevlar's voice slices through the trap production with remarkable emphasis, amplifying his lyrical prowess. His slick-tongued and nimble bars exude the confident execution of a seasoned veteran, making it even more compelling for listeners to embrace his self-assured lyrics. The accompanying music video strikes the perfect balance of visual allure for this shorter track, delivering an unapologetic, brash performance.

One of the most potent assets in a rapper's arsenal, setting them apart from their peers, is the timbre of their voice. This often underestimated quality, while easily overlooked, is a defining trait of our favorite rappers. Enter Kevlar, an up-and-coming emcee from Louisiana, whose self-assured, gravelly presence in his new track "Golden Child" leaves an indelible first impression that lingers long after the music ends.

Follow Kevlar on Instagram: @____KEVLAR

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