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Keema Patra - Glitching

Photography By 3rd Eye Bishop

Brooklyn, New York rapper Keema Patra deliver music video for "Glitching". Today, we direct our focus towards a hidden gem, Keema Patra, who makes a dynamic entrance onto the NOLAZINE stage with the release of her impactful debut track, "Glitching."

With a duration slightly exceeding two minutes, "Glitching" explodes with energy, showcasing Keema Patra's charisma against a backdrop of electrifying, high-energy production. Undeniably standing out in the diverse landscape of New York's music scene, she takes the spotlight on our platform once again, unveiling the fresh music video for her track, "Glitching."

From the first notes of Keema Patra's music, her immense talent and promising future become unmistakable. Her magnetic rap style captivates, setting her apart within the musical landscape. What distinguishes her is not only her initial impact but also her consistent growth and evolution as an artist.

This Wednesday, take a moment to immerse yourself in the thrilling visual journey accompanying "Glitching." If Keema Patra's music resonates with you, stay tuned for her upcoming releases by connecting with her on Instagram. This signifies just the beginning of an exciting expedition for this remarkably talented artist.

Connect with Keema Patra on Instagram: @KEEMAPATRA

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