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Kari Cojoe: Family, Passion, and Fashion at Kleaux Kouture

In the heart of New Orleans, Kari Cojoe, the visionary behind Kleaux Kouture, shares her entrepreneurial journey and the profound impact of family support on her flourishing business. With roots deeply embedded in both family values and a passion for fashion, Kari's story unfolds as a testament to resilience, creativity, and a commitment to providing versatile styles for everyone.

In 2012, Kari Cojoe ventured into the world of entrepreneurship with the establishment of Kleaux Kouture. Her inspiration stemmed from the rich tapestry of her family and her innate passion for fashion. Kari's journey was marked by the desire to create a space where style and familial bonds could seamlessly intertwine.

Family is not just a concept for Kari; it is an integral part of the Kleaux Kouture experience. With a team predominantly composed of family members and close friends, Kari has fostered an environment where support, trust, and collaboration thrive. This familial ethos not only contributes to the success of her business but also creates a unique and inviting atmosphere for clients.

As a business owner, Kari emphasizes the importance of customer service and effective leadership skills. Managing a team composed of family requires a delicate balance of professionalism and personal connection. Kari's hands-on approach ensures that her team not only delivers exceptional fashion but also exemplifies the values that make Kleaux Kouture a standout establishment in New Orleans.

An actress at heart, Kari's background in theater and film has significantly influenced her approach to fashion. This influence manifests in the diverse and versatile styles offered by Kleaux Kouture, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences. Kari's commitment to providing unique and adaptable fashion reflects her passion for the arts.

Kari's journey, like any entrepreneurial venture, has faced challenges. A lawsuit from a bride over a wedding party custom design prompted Kari to reevaluate her approach to customer service. This experience became a catalyst for growth, reinforcing the importance of effective communication and understanding in the world of bespoke fashion.

In conclusion, Kari Cojoe's journey with Kleaux Kouture is a celebration of family, passion, and versatility. Through her leadership, commitment to customer service, and resilience in the face of challenges, Kari has not only built a thriving business but also created a haven where fashion, family, and creativity converge in the heart of New Orleans.


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