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Jasmine Yvette, Aka Jahze TV: Navigating the Media Scene from New Orleans to New York

Photography By Stefan Bunbury

New Orleans, Louisiana native Jasmine Yvette, widely recognized as Jahze TV, stands as a testament to the power of hustle, determination, and a genuine passion for the music industry. In this exploration of her journey, we delve into her media career, her move from New Orleans to New York, and her unwavering commitment to uplifting artists from her hometown.

Jasmine's media career has been a dynamic ride, marked by her deep connection to the music industry and her role in managing artists. From the early stages of her career, her love for music propelled her forward, steering her towards opportunities that allowed her to fuse her passion with her professional pursuits.

The hustle and determination embedded in Jasmine's journey led her to iconic spaces like The Breakfast Club, where she contributed to the media landscape and built robust relationships within the industry. Her move from New Orleans to New York became a pivotal chapter in her story, opening doors to a realm where her skills and dedication took center stage.

Jasmine recognizes the importance of representation and support for artists from her hometown, New Orleans. In an industry often overlooking certain voices, she actively works towards providing a platform for New Orleans artists, ensuring their talents receive the recognition they deserve. Her commitment echoes through her endeavors, creating pathways for emerging artists to shine on a broader stage.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jasmine shares a glimpse into her personal journey of healing. This resilience becomes a driving force behind her creative projects, such as the upcoming season of Mix Company and the release of artists under her guidance. Her plans for the future reflect a dedication to authenticity and meaningful contributions to the industry.

📱 Connect with Jahze TV: @JAHZETV

For those eager to follow Jasmine's journey, she can be found on Instagram and YouTube under the username @JAHZETV. As she continues to make waves in the media scene and uplift artists, Jasmine Yvette remains a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the power of passion, perseverance, and the profound impact of representation in the world of music.

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