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Hotboi Skullie Drops New Visuals For "On The Line"

Georgia Music Artist Hotboi Skullie drops new visuals for "On The Line" produced by Mooktoven & HunchoMade. Georgia is known for having an all-out surplus of skilled music artists, but it seems like if you’re not in the mainstream part of the music scene there, it can be easy to get overshadowed. Well, this is at least typically the case, but Hotboi Skullie has been really good at diversifying his sonic and creative portfolio in order to avoid being overlooked, and we are beyond glad about that because his inventive mind is just too much of a force to be ignored. As the years go on, it seems like he only continues to see his stock price go up, and recently, that price has risen way higher than ever before, with each move he makes contributing to the pinnacle of it all in the form of his new music video "On The Line". Watch Hotboi Skullie new music video "On The Line" below.


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