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Geismar, Louisiana Rapper LitClaude Releases Visuals For "Aint Hidin"

Geismar, Louisiana native LitClaude releases visuals for "Aint Hiding". At the rate that new artists are popping up all over the world, it is literally impossible to keep up with all of the latest talents. This is something that we, as well as other writers, A&Rs, and even listeners have a tough time keeping up with, but we're lucky enough to pretty much have a nonstop income of exciting up-and-coming talents being sent to us from a variety of sources in the industry.

There is a moment when listening to a new artist that you realize just how impactful they will be and how true their intention is. Simply listening to their music grants you a glimpse into their passion, influences and sheer love of the music they create. This intimate connection we create with artists doesn’t happen often but when it does it is impossible to ignore. This brief preamble brings us to the subject of this post and our most recent discovery, LitClaude. Although not much is known about the incredibly talented Hip Hop Artist, one thing is certain, LitClaude is an artist to pay very close attention to and his latest single, "Aint Hiding", is an impressionable example of an artist you are going to want to get familiar with.


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