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Cherise - Secrets

London R&B Artist Cherise releases highly anticipated music video for "Secrets". The phrase “Voice of an Angel” may be overused when describing singers, but not when it comes to Cherise. Made in London, UK, the talented vocalist is making several breakthroughs this year, notably through her last music video "Remedy". Cherise's heaven-sent vocals are incredibly soothing, meshing perfectly over soft R&B, jazz, and lo-fi hip-hop production.

We spend a lot of days connecting with different artists and learning about them in a way that goes deeper than their Spotify Discography. You take away music and all we’re left with are the relationships we’ve made, which is why its so important that we not only feature good musicians on here but also support them and try to build a genuine connection. Cherise is definitely an artist to watch out for. Check Out her latest music video "Secrets" Below:


Credits Film by - LCPRN

Exc Producer - Cherise Adams-Burnett

Producers - LCPRN & Patricia Humm

Directers - LCPRN & Patricia Humm

Stylist - Patricia Humm

'Secrets' Written by Cherise Adams-Burnett & Linden Jay Music Production - Tobie Tripp

Mixing - Dan Moyler

Mastering - Kevin Tuffy

Vocals & BVs - CHERISE Keys & Synths - Lewis Moody Guitarist - Tjoe Man Chung Bassist - Benjamin Muralt Drummer - Sam Michnik

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