Who Is Opelousas, Louisiana Rapper Flocka Trent?

Photo Credit: @ThirtyVisuals

Opelousas, Louisiana native Flocka Trent has been applying pressure over the past couple of years when it comes to releasing new content, and today we just wanted to catch you up on who is Flock Trent. Recently just dropped the hottest club banger in Louisiana for an Independent Artist titled "Chewin And Poppin" featuring Level.

One of our favorite things about Flocka Trent is that he is a multi-dimensional artist and his ability to create multiple different types of music, many of us became fans of Flocka with his sing-songy raps that he was providing over the years, but there has been a slight twist in his approach lately. We first became fans of Flocka when he drop a track name "Spank Diss" and if you heard his rap flow on this song you would of became a fan like us. It’s been an honor to watch Flocka develop as an artist up to this point, and we are eager to see what he continues to do from here, we recently had a chance to sit down with him for an Interview. Make sure you watch it Below:


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