West Palm Beach, Florida Artist o42Marky Drops Visuals For "Corner Store"

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West Palm Beach, Florida artist o42Marky drops visuals for "Corner Store" shot by @shotbyjolo. The Florida Rap scene has long been blossoming, yet it seems as if people don’t respect it nearly as much as they should. Although it appears that it’s only taken off in the last half-decade or so and prior to that there were only a few mainstream artists to emerge from this region, now more than ever this part of the country deserves its moment in the spotlight. The underground scene is booming partially due to the fact that the sounds they create are unlike anything else in the country, but it can also be because of their unique deliveries and flows which are always something to behold. o42Marky has been on the scene for quite some time at this point and although he hasn't received the notoriety like other Florida artists, he has done so much to differentiate himself and prove that he’s not a clone whatsoever.



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