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TrapBoyQueen Drops "Super Saiyan"

Conroe, Texas rapper TrapBoyGreen drops music video for "Super Saiyan". A rapper's voice tone stands out as a powerful tool that can distinguish them from other artists. This often-overlooked and underrated quality plays a significant role, and when we reflect on our favorite rappers, each typically possesses a distinct and memorable vocal quality. Enter TrapBoyGreen, an emerging emcee from Texas whose self-assured, gravelly presence on his latest track, "Super Saiyan," creates the kind of impactful first impression that lingers.

As is widely known, Texas boasts a wealth of young musical talent, and it's common for some lesser-known acts in the city to be underestimated. TrapBoyGreen is undoubtedly one of our newfound favorites from Texas. While not a newcomer, he has yet to fully capture global attention. However, we anticipate this will change rapidly if TrapBoyGreen continues to release visuals like "Super Saiyan."

Follow TrapBoyGreen on Instagram: @TRAPBOYGREEN

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