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Toronto Singer Katasha J Drops "Braids N Gold" Featuring Namen Chakras

Photography Credit: @MikeCuba

Toronto, Ontario Singer/ Songwriter Katasha J drops visuals for "Braids N Gold" featuring Namen Chakras.

One of our favorite things to do is discover artists who have a very small following but deserve much more recognition. Sometimes these talents just simply don’t have access to wider audiences, or they don’t have a support system around them quite yet that can help them gain more exposure. Nonetheless, some of these music artists are as talented as it gets, and we don’t want to let their efforts go unnoticed. So, when we discovered Katasha J a year ago, we had to make sure to tap in and see what we've been missing out on.

"Braids N Gold" is the name of this brand-new hit and after giving it our initial listen, we knew our premonitions were correct. Although they sound so different, it’s the change of pace about halfway through that really makes this song truly dynamic and impressive. The production is built through blithe keys mixed with relaxed, lighthearted synths, refreshing percussion, and some impactful yet toned down drums. This beat paves the way for Katasha J voice to shine from the moment of its inception until the very last second of the record.



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