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The Loyalty Club F/W 23' Collection Delivery 2

Photography by RAYNO

The Loyalty Club, a distinctive lifestyle brand founded by professional drummer Blake “Blizzy” Robinson, unveils its much-anticipated Fall/Winter 2023 Collection with the launch of Delivery 2, now available both in-store and online.

Rooted in the vibrant culture of New Orleans, Blake Robinson’s journey from the drumming roots in his father’s church to a globetrotting musician laid the foundation for The Loyalty Club. Established in 2015, the brand quickly evolved beyond a mere fashion label, embodying a diverse spectrum of creative outlets including music, photography, real estate, and more.

Partnering with co-owner Jarroid Warner, a fellow New Orleans native and Xavier University alum, The Loyalty Club strives to be more than a clothing line. It aspires to be a hub for creative minds, offering a space where individuals passionate about various arts can converge to transform their dreams into reality.

The Fall/Winter 2023 Collection, Delivery 2, seamlessly weaves together the brand’s commitment to both fashion and lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans, each piece in this collection reflects the dynamic spirit and diversity that defines The Loyalty Club.

From innovative streetwear designs to curated accessories, the collection encapsulates the essence of the brand’s mission – to provide a one-stop-shop for like-minded individuals seeking a platform to express themselves. The Loyalty Club envisions a community where creativity knows no bounds, and each individual can find a home for their artistic endeavors.

Available for purchase both in-store and online, The Loyalty Club F/W 23’ Collection Delivery 2 invites enthusiasts to experience a fusion of fashion and lifestyle that transcends traditional boundaries. As the brand continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to fostering a community where loyalty extends beyond clothing, becoming a shared commitment to the pursuit of creativity and dreams.

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