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The Evolution of Sisqó: From Dru Hill to Solo Stardom and Beyond

Mark Althavan Andrews, known professionally as Sisqó (stylized as SisQó), has carved a unique path in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. Born on November 9, 1978, Sisqó's journey from the lead performer of the R&B group Dru Hill to a solo superstar showcases his versatility and enduring appeal.

Sisqó's early career began in Baltimore, where he worked at The Fudgery in Harborplace alongside Larry "Jazz" Anthony, James "Woody" Green, and Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin. The quartet eventually formed Dru Hill and signed with Island Records in 1996. The group derived its name from the Druid Hill Park neighborhood in Baltimore, where Sisqó lived at the time. Dru Hill quickly rose to fame, but by 1999, Woody departed to pursue a solo career, prompting the remaining members to embark on their own solo projects.

In November 1999, Sisqó released his debut solo album, Unleash the Dragon, on Def Soul Records. Initially, the album sold moderately, but the release of its second single, "Thong Song," in February 2000, catapulted Sisqó to stardom. The novelty hit, alongside the ballad "Incomplete," dominated the Billboard Hot 100, with "Thong Song" reaching number three and "Incomplete" topping the chart. The album's success was so significant that it even led to the creation of a Sisqó doll in 2001.

Building on his solo success, Sisqó formed LovHer in 1999, the first female quartet on the Def Soul label. Their single "How It's Gonna Be" was featured on the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack in 2001. However, conflicts within Dru Hill, coupled with the demands of Sisqó's second solo album, Return of Dragon (2001), delayed the group's reunion. Despite going platinum, the album's singles, "Can I Live" and "Dance for Me," did not replicate the success of his earlier hits.

During this period, Sisqó expanded his repertoire, hosting MTV's dance competition program Sisqó's Shakedown and acting in films such as Get Over It (2001) and Snow Dogs (2002). He also made a memorable appearance as a vampire in Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Season 6, Episode 1). By 2002, Dru Hill reunited and released their third LP, though it underperformed, leading to their release from their recording contract.

In the ensuing years, Sisqó continued to explore various avenues, including reality television. He appeared on Gone Country in 2008, Celebrity Big Brother 7 in 2010, and Celebrity Wife Swap in 2013. Dru Hill's independent release of InDRUpendence Day in 2010, followed by the reality show Keith Sweat's Platinum House, kept the group in the public eye.

Sisqó's third solo album, Last Dragon, was released on February 10, 2015, featuring singles "A-List" and "L.I.P.s," the latter reaching number 23 on the US Adult R&B charts. He continued to make headlines with unique collaborations, including a duet with Marie Osmond on "Give me a Good Song" in 2016 and a remake of "Thong Song" produced by JCY in 2017.

Beyond music, Sisqó showcased his creative versatility with the release of a children's holiday book, "Sisqo's Perfect Christmas," in 2018. In 2022, he represented Maryland in the American Song Contest on NBC, further solidifying his status as a dynamic entertainer.

In 2024, Sisqó competed on season eleven of The Masked Singer as "Lizard," where he finished in 12th place and delivered an encore performance of "Thong Song" on "Shower Anthems Night." Sisqó's personal life is marked by his long-term relationship with Elizabeth Pham, with whom he has two children. The family resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

From his early days with Dru Hill to his solo successes and diverse ventures, Sisqó's career reflects his adaptability and enduring talent. His contributions to R&B and pop culture continue to resonate, ensuring his place as a celebrated artist and entertainer.

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