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Symone Eshay - Crowned

Galveston, Texas artist Symone Eshay releases music video for "Crowned". Today marks an exhilarating moment as we introduce Symone Eshay's debut appearance on NOLAZINE through this remarkable and exclusive visual unveiling.

There arrives a juncture when encountering a new artist prompts the realization of their impending profound influence and the authenticity that underpins their creative intentions. Immerse yourself even briefly in their music, and you're granted a glimpse into their fervor, influences, and genuine ardor for the art they forge. Such a deep-seated connection with artists is a rarity, but once it occurs, it becomes an inescapable truth. This juncture brings us to our latest discovery and the focus of this presentation: Symone Eshay. While comprehensive knowledge about this incredibly gifted hip-hop artist might be limited, one aspect remains unquestionable—Symone Eshayn stands as an artist deserving of the utmost consideration. Her latest release, "Crowned," stands as a resounding testament to her artistry, leaving it imperative for you to acquaint yourself with her body of work.


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