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Stanley "Tookie" Williams (1982)

Shreveport, Louisiana native Stanley "Tookie" Williams, renowned as one of the most formidable leaders in South Central, shared his leadership with founder Raymond Washington from the East Side. Originally hailing from Louisiana, Tookie moved to South Central at the age of 6 and was raised on the West Side.

Encountering Raymond Washington through mutual connections, Tookie and Raymond, driven by a shared vision of expansion and power, decided to merge their respective gangs. Rather than face conflict, gang leaders confronted by Tookie and Raymond opted to join the Crips by choice. Raymond Washington, imprisoned in 1974, met a tragic end upon his release in 1979, leaving Tookie to take charge of expanding and enhancing the Crips' reputation.

Initially established to safeguard neighborhoods from rival gangs and maintain order, the Crips' focus shifted due to the influence of drugs and escalating crime, especially during the transition from the 70s to the 80s.

While building the Crips, Tookie also served as a youth counselor and pursued a career in bodybuilding. Facing a gunshot incident that temporarily paralyzed his legs, Tookie underwent a rigorous regimen to regain his strength, relying on a diet rich in yeast and Chocolate milk. Additionally, he frequently used Sherm to alleviate soreness.

Arrested for murder in 1979, Tookie received a death sentence in 1981. Despite a series of appeals and public support while on Death Row, the sentence remained unchanged. Tookie authored several books outlining gang life and advocating against gang activity. Although unsuccessful in overturning his conviction, he steadfastly maintained his innocence, dedicating himself to educating others about the perils of street life.

Tookie faced execution in 2005.

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