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RYAH X Mellow Rackz - Shake

New York rapper Ryah drops visuals for "Shake" featuring Mellow Rackz. Just a few days ago, we discovered the talent of RYAH, and we're certain that she'll also find a place among NOLAZINE enthusiasts after exploring this feature. Her distinctive skill lies in seamlessly transitioning styles and presenting herself diversely based on the nature of each song she creates. When we came across her recent collaboration with Mellow Rackz, it felt like a collaboration waiting to unfold. Understanding the immense talent both artists possess, we were assured that not only would they harmonize on this track but also elevate it to brilliance.

Titled "Shake," this brand-new hit validated our initial instincts upon the first listen. While their styles are distinct, it's the mid-track shift that truly amplifies the song's dynamism and impact. The production incorporates lively keys combined with laid-back, carefree synths, refreshing percussion, and drums that are impactful yet subtly restrained. This musical backdrop provides the perfect stage for RYAH's vocals, allowing them to shine right from the outset to the very culmination of the track.


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