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Rob Thomas Sr Shares His Journey In Life

Rob Thomas Sr shares his journey from growing up poor in the 9th ward of New Orleans to starting a record label called Desire Records and his own fragrance "SEMETO".


  • 🌳 Growing up poor in a housing project, Rob and his friends hustled by cutting grass and washing cars.

  • 🎤 In 2002, Rob started a record label called Desire Records and shot a professional music video with help from a friend. However, they didn’t understand the legwork needed and the costs involved in promoting their music.

  • 👨‍👦‍👦 Rob’s turning point came when he had his son, Rob49, and realized he needed to be a better father and provider.

  • 📈 While incarcerated in 2003, Rob focused on becoming a better father and professional, ultimately leading to his fragrance business called Semeto Fragrance.

  • 🌟 Despite starting from humble beginnings, Rob believes in the power of teamwork and surrounding oneself with the right people to achieve success.

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