StreetBaby Drops “Steppas” Featuring AIA LITT Shot By @1NineFive

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Chicago, IL native now residing in New Orleans, LA Music Artist StreetBaby drops visuals for “Steppas” featuring AIA Litt and directed by @1ninefive. StreetBaby is making his debut on NOLAZINE as he rages in his new video for “Steppas” where he and AIA Litt electrifies the track with their infectious and raucous energy that pairs well over the crashing and distorted production creating an atmosphere of chaos. We are sure that this track is going to be incredibly rowdy live now that concerts are beginning to look like they used to again, and StreetBaby is certainly one of those music artists that you might need to catch live when he slides through. He has been an underrated cornerstone in the underground scene for a while now and we hope that StreetBaby begins to get the respect he deserves this year, and his consistency.

We just became fans of StreetBaby and we know he will become a fan of NOLAZINE after this article as well. His unique ability to switch up styles and come off in different ways depending on the type of song he’s creating. We came across a new song he had with AIA Litt and we had to check it out. This pairing was bond to happen, but we knew the immense amounts of talents both artists have, so we was confident that they’d know how to not only make this track work but make it shine as well.

"Steppas" is the name of this brand-new hit and after giving it our initial listen, we knew our premonitions were correct. Although they sound so different, it’s the change of pace about halfway through that really makes this song truly dynamic and impressive. The production is built through blithe keys mixed with relaxed, lighthearted synths, refreshing percussion, and some impactful yet toned down drums. This beat paves the way for StreetBaby voice to shine from the moment of its inception until the very last second of the record.