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Renetta Lowe aka Magnolia Shorty (2006)

Renetta Lowe, also known as Magnolia Shorty, was an icon and pioneer in the rap scene, particularly in New Orleans, LA, during 2006. Revered as the Queen of Bounce and a legend in Uptown, Magnolia Shorty was a trailblazer who was remarkably ahead of her time. Her influence resonates deeply in contemporary women's rap, shaping the sounds, lyrics, and tracks heard in the genre today.

Bestowed with the moniker "Magnolia Shorty" by Magnolia Slim (Soulja Slim), she undoubtedly lived up to the name. Her distinct style left an indelible mark, easily recognizable from the moment she uttered a word. Notably, alongside Ms. Tee, she made history as one of the first women signed to Cash Money Records. Collaborating with Mannie Fresh in the studio, she crafted the hit "Monkey on the Stick," sparking immense popularity and recognition throughout the southern region.

Magnolia Shorty was on the brink of superstardom during an era where influential women like Trina were making significant strides in the industry. Unfortunately, she found herself embroiled in a conflict that wasn't her own and fell victim to a tragic incident, being shot over 20 times and losing her life.

Despite her untimely passing, Magnolia Shorty's impact endures in the realm of rap. Her legacy remains alive, evidenced by her sampling on Drake's chart-topping song "In My Feelings," one of the standout hits of 2018. She continues to be remembered and revered as a legend in New Orleans, leaving an indelible mark on the rap genre. Rest in peace to the legendary Magnolia Shorty.

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