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Queen Fi - Heavy

Orlando, Florida music artist Queen Fi delivers visuals for "Heavy". Florida is home to a wealth of young musical talent, and it's common for some lesser-known acts to fly under the radar. Queen Fi, one of our preferred artists from the state, has been gaining recognition despite not yet achieving global fame. However, with standout releases like "Heavy," we are confident that Queen Fi is on the brink of becoming a household name.

Exploring a new artist is a distinctive experience that reveals the impact and authenticity embedded in their work. Immerse yourself in Queen Fi's music, and you'll catch a glimpse of her passion, influences, and sincere love for the craft. Establishing this connection with artists is rare, but when it occurs, it's impossible to ignore. This leads us to our recent discovery, Queen Fi. Although much about this highly talented hip-hop artist remains unknown, one thing is certain – Queen Fi deserves close attention. Her latest single, "Heavy," perfectly illustrates why Queen Fi is an artist worth getting to know.

Follow Queen Fi on Instagram: @BACKTHATASH

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