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Providence, Rhode Island artist Fully Loaded Stan Drops "Lost Souls"

Providence, Rhode Island artist Fully Loaded Stan drops visuals for "Lost Souls" Live Performance. Fully Loaded Stan emerges as one of the radiant treasures originating from the state of Rhode Island. Today marks his inaugural appearance on NOLAZINE as he unveils his latest music video for "Lost Souls."

From the moment we first encountered Fully Loaded Stan's musical expressions, it became apparent that his wellspring of talent and promise was substantial. A distinctive facet that immediately caught our attention was the charismatic flair with which he delivers his rap verses—a quality that's far from commonplace. Astonishingly, over time, he has elevated his artistry even further. Set aside a few moments from your Tuesday to experience this fresh visual creation, and if Fully Loaded Stan's music resonates with you, ensure you stay tuned for his upcoming releases by connecting with him on Instagram.


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