Port Allen, Louisiana Native Ross Blvd Drops Visuals To "Devastated"

Updated: May 12

Ross Blvd drops visuals to "Devastated" Directed + Edited by Antoine Thomas. Back in 2019, we came across an artist named Ross Blvd, and ever since that fateful day, the way we look at music has never been the same. There are certain artists who grab your attention for a moment, but then there are some that have the ability to wholeheartedly captivate your mind with their art. Ross Blvd falls into this category. The Port Allen, Louisiana native first made it onto my radar after the release of his track “Isolated” that we saw on film company TwoneShotThat Instagram. After connecting with Ross Blvd, he told us were he was from and we told him how we are fans of his music.

Today, the up and comer just dropped a brand new song entitled “Devastated” and it truly is one of the most stunning songs we've had the opportunity to write about. When it comes to Ross Blvd, not much needs to be said other than the simple fact that his future in music can be anything he wants it to be; “Devastated” is a prime example of that statement. All throughout this track, Ross showcases his rare rap skills.



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