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Poncho - Fed Baby

Atlanta, Georgia rapper Poncho drops music video for "Fed Baby". While Poncho may not dominate the airwaves, bask in mainstream media's adoration, or ride the charts to the top, we staunchly assert that he ranks among the most influential artists emerging from Atlanta today. Whether the mainstream industry is prepared for his distinctive sound or remains cautious of its uniqueness remains an open question.

Poncho is a hidden gem within the city of Atlanta, and today, he introduces himself to the NOLAZINE audience with the premiere of his latest music video, "Fed Baby." Upon the initial encounter with Poncho's music, his abundant talent and potential became immediately evident. One of the standout qualities that set him apart was the charisma he injects into his rap, a trait seldom encountered. Impressively, he has continued to evolve and progress as an artist since that time. Set aside a few minutes of your Wednesday to immerse yourself in this captivating visual experience, and if you resonate with Poncho's music, stay in the loop for his forthcoming releases by following him on Instagram: @THEREALPONCHO.

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