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PlayboyXO - MLB

Photography Credit: @OfficialCaliKilo

PlayboyXO, an exceptional music artist and producer from Louisiana, has just released captivating visuals for his latest track, "MLB". It's always a pleasure to showcase an artist on NOLAZINE for the first time, especially when they possess the potential to make significant strides in their career. While every artist's journey is a progression, some possess a unique spark that hints at an explosive rise, and that's precisely the sentiment we've been feeling recently about PlayboyXO, Louisiana's next rising star.

PlayboyXO stands among the numerous talented music artists that Louisiana has to offer, and today marks his debut on our website with the premiere of his music video for "MLB". From the moment we first encountered PlayboyXO's music, his immense talent and potential were evident. One of the immediate qualities that caught our attention was his charismatic vocal delivery, a quality that sets him apart from the ordinary. What's even more astonishing is how he has grown and evolved as an artist since then, continually refining his craft and pushing his boundaries.

Set aside a few minutes on your Saturday to immerse yourself in the captivating visuals of "MLB" below. PlayboyXO's music is sure to resonate with you, leaving a lasting impression and igniting your anticipation for his future releases. Stay connected by following him on Instagram and be a part of his musical journey.


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