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The Untold Story of New Orleans Rap Pioneers Partners-N-Crime

Partners-N-Crime, the dynamic rap duo hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, has etched their mark on the music industry with a distinctive blend of Southern rap and street-savvy lyricism. Comprising Kango Slimm (Walter Williams) and Mr. Meana (Michael Patterson), the duo's journey from the 17th Ward of New Orleans to independent success is a testament to their resilience and creativity. This article explores their roots, experiences in the industry, and upcoming ventures.

Influences and Early Beginnings

Partners-N-Crime's musical journey traces back to their upbringing in the culturally rich and diverse city of New Orleans. Growing up in the 17th Ward, Kango Slimm and Mr. Meana were influenced by a melting pot of musical genres. Among their early inspirations were legendary figures like Johnny Guitar Watson and trailblazing hip-hop group Run DMC. These influences laid the foundation for their unique sound, blending the soulful essence of New Orleans with the raw energy of hip-hop.

The Big Boy Records Era and Independence

The duo's entry into the music scene gained momentum when they signed with Big Boy Records, a significant player in the Southern rap scene during the 1990s. However, their journey was not without challenges, as they faced a well-documented beef with UNLV. Despite the hurdles, Partners-N-Crime emerged as resilient forces, eventually founding their own imprint, Crime Lab Entertainment, under Juvenile's UTP label.

Breaking free from the traditional record label structure allowed them to exercise creative control over their music. Partners-N-Crime embraced the independent route, navigating the complexities of the music industry while maintaining their authenticity. Their success as independent artists demonstrated their ability to connect with audiences on their own terms.

Chemistry and Collaborations

One of the key elements that set Partners-N-Crime apart is the undeniable chemistry between Kango Slimm and Mr. Meana. This synergy is not limited to their dynamic duo; collaborations with other artists, including Fifth Ward Weebie and Cain and Abel, showcase their ability to create hits with a diverse range of talents. Their collaborative efforts have contributed to the rich tapestry of New Orleans hip-hop, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

Misdemeanor's Autobiography and Podcast

In a recent development, Misdemeanor (Mr. Meana) has announced the upcoming release of his autobiography, "Untold Story of an Unknown Legend." The book promises to provide a deep dive into the duo's journey, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs that shaped their careers. Additionally, Misdemeanor is set to host a podcast titled "No Rap Cap Podcast," offering fans an intimate glimpse into the world of Partners-N-Crime and the broader hip-hop culture.

Connect with Partners-N-Crime

As Partners-N-Crime continues to evolve, fans can stay connected with the duo through their social media handles. Follow their individual accounts on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on their latest projects and behind-the-scenes moments.

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