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Olisae And UNscripted Delivers 'Impression'

Olisae presents his latest single, a collaborative effort that spans the musical landscapes of Nigeria and the United States. Titled "Impression," this track serves as the kickoff to a series of collaborations that Olisae plans to unveil over the upcoming year. These collaborations will blend the rich rhythms of Afrobeats with the essence of Hip-Hop and the infectious energy of Bounce. Notably, the song features New Orleans rapper UNscripted, and together, they delve into the realms of honesty and vulnerability within their personal relationships—qualities that many seek but often find lacking in today's world.

UNscripted, a prominent figure hailing from the vibrant streets of New Orleans, is recognized for his rap talent, often highlighted during his freestyle sessions at the corner of Frenchmen and Chartres Streets from the back of his truck. Olisae, on the other hand, is celebrated for his utilization of multiple languages within his music, seamlessly blending elements from Reggaeton, Pop, and R&B. During a recent stroll through the Marigny, Olisae recognized an opportunity to tap into the local talent pool right off the streets of New Orleans, driven by his commitment to diversify his musical palette. Expect more future collaborations with local singers, rappers, and songwriters as Olisae aims to bridge the gap between Afrobeats and Bounce, following the footsteps of other local artists like VScript and DJ Ojay, known for their Afrobeat NOLA events at venues such as Ace Hotel and The Maison

"Impression" underwent mixing by Olisae's longtime collaborator, GrandMix, and it stays true to Olisae's well-established legacy of crafting love-infused songs. Olisae stands among a fresh wave of West African artists who are spearheading the next evolution of Afrobeats, transcending continents with their compositions, sounds, and artistic collaborations. In this latest venture alongside UNscripted, they explore the tried-and-true formula of an Afro R&B track with a hip-hop twist.


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