New York Music Artist FlyGuy Rugger Drops "A Whole Dream"

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New York music Artist FlyGuy Rugger drops visuals for "A Whole Dream". As the days start to blend together and time reaches a sort of standstill, it always feels like a win whenever we are able to find a song that fits this specific daze we've been personally in and we're sure a lot of other people are feeling the same given the state of the world right now. So, stumbling on FlyGuy Rugger easygoing and hazy new release "A Whole Dream" in our inbox has been one of the highlights of our day so far.

The song itself gets a pick-me-up once the drums kick in, adding another layer of light bounce over the electronic keys and other synths that reverberate softly throughout. The artist then gets into his own flow over this beat that’s both catchy and endearing in its lyricism. FlyGuy Rugger ear for music and entrancing melodies create a cohesive mood that’s relaxed and unhurried—a moment that begs to last just a bit longer.


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