New Orleans, Louisiana Rap Veteran Snipe drops "2.29

Updated: May 12

New Orleans, Louisiana rap veteran Snipe drops visuals to "2.29" directed by Chaz Singleton. The layers and depths of music that come from the city of New Orleans are truly mind-blowing. While there are undiscovered artists who are grinding tirelessly to make a name for themselves, there are also household names like Lil Wayne, B.G, Juvenile, and the late Soulja Slim, among many others. In between these two vastly different levels of popularity and recognition, there are countless layers of artists grinding to make it to the top, or at least to be recognized on a larger scale. When it comes to an artist like Snipe, we would say he’s pretty happy with where he’s at. He’s very well known around the city of New Orleans which is a big deal in and of itself, and we think he has plans on expanding to a national fanbase Independently. His quasi-local stardom has gained him followers and a very loyal fanbase, and for that, we think he’s pretty well set up to do what he wants in terms of his musical endeavors.



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