New Orleans, Louisiana Rap Veteran Kidd Kidd Drops "I AM"

#KiddKidd #Nolazine

New Orleans, Louisiana Rap Veteran Kidd Kidd has been making some serious noise over the past year or so, dropping back to back non-stop and he has made a name for himself to the point where he is well known by many people all over the world. Today, Kidd Kidd is appearing on NOLAZINE with his brand new music video for “I Am”. This song is super hot to say the minimum, whenever you get an artist of this caliber going in on a song, magic is going to happen, but the music video made it that much better to us, shout out to Blake Atienza for doing a great job here and last but not least Rest In Peace To The Late New Orleans Rapper Ridamaine who also starred in this dope music video. Watch this brand new music video below!


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