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New Orleans, Louisiana Artist Tykee Drops "Mode"

New Orleans, Louisiana Music Artist Tykee drops visuals for "Mode" directed by Ayytyran. New Orleans is returning and almost becoming almost like an even more southern Atlanta in terms of its music scene more artists are supporting one another and music blogs are growing. What we mean by this is the fact that we're constantly discovering new artists blooming out of the Rap scene in New Orleans, and in recent months or even years, we feel as if a day can’t go by without us hearing a new name or song from an artist that we need to get in tune with. Most recently, we was put onto New Orleans artist Tykee.

There’s clearly room for Tykee to grow as an artist after listening to his song “Mode”, but his talents are already overly abundant and his potential is probably higher than most up and coming artists you could name off the top of your head. His voice is diverse when compared to his other New Orleanian counterparts with the fact that it is slightly melodious and more tuneful than most of the other artists from the city, but it has almost this Drill quality that sets him apart from his fellow New Orleans, LA peers.

Although the beat is blazing hot produced by @KCDaProducer, Tykee constantly rotating bars keep the track fresh throughout and show off the variety of skills he has up his sleeve, and it’s hard to believe that his artistry stops there. As he makes his way throughout this banger, he tells a story about "Mode".


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