New Orleans, LA Rappers Million$ Drop Visuals To "Grass Greener"

New Orleans, LA Rapper Million$ drop visuals to "Grass Greener" directed by Writers Bloc Production. Million$ is continuing to prove himself in a league of his own with his latest Dividen$ produced single “Grass Greener” that sincerely sounds like nothing else right now. Million$ rap flow is impressive independently of other factors but this paired with his top-notch beat selection skills makes for continually impressive releases that always verge on the side of experimental but never does it seem that Million$ comes out of pocket, which is an incredibly difficult thing to maintain. “Grass Greener” is just another example of how Million$ is one of the most talented and important figures in New Orleans music scene currently. Keep an eye on Million$ for the rest of the year and we're extremely excited to see what else he has in store for us.


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