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New Orleans, LA Rapper Kendal Banks Drops "Cheat Code" Feat. G4

Kendal Banks, a gifted music artist/ producer hailing from the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana, has just unveiled the enthralling visuals for his latest collaborative creation, "Cheat Code," featuring G4 off his latest album "Bancos". As we delved into its melodies, our initial instincts were confirmed. Amidst their diverse sounds, it's the mid-song transformation that truly sets it apart, rendering it a dynamic and truly remarkable piece. The production expertly weaves together buoyant keys, mellow and carefree synths, invigorating percussion, and drums that are both impactful and subtly restrained. This exceptional musical backdrop creates the perfect canvas for Kendal Banks's vocals to dazzle, captivating listeners from the opening strains to the very last note of the record.

Today, we've wholeheartedly embraced Kendal Banks's artistry, immersing ourselves in his latest single. And in return, we're confident he'll extend his support to NOLAZINE after encountering this article. Kendal Banks possesses a remarkable knack for seamlessly transitioning between styles, capturing varied emotions and molding his approach to perfectly complement each creation. Upon stumbling upon his collaboration with G4, our curiosity was piqued, and a listen was inevitable. This partnership was destined, given the incredible talent both artists bring to the table. Our confidence was unwavering: not only would they make this track come alive, but they would also make it gleam brilliantly.

Keep an ear tuned to experience the enchantment of "Cheat Code" and witness the musical symbiosis between Kendal Banks and G4. Their combined prowess is guaranteed to leave an enduring impression on your musical journey.


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