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New Orleans, LA Rapper Jayarson Makes His Way Back To Nolazine With His Video "Minnesota"

Returning to Nolazine is Jayarson, a talented music artist hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, as he unveils the highly-anticipated music video for his single "Minnesota," produced by Swerve Musik and shot by Dope Media. New Orleans is a city bursting with young, talented, and ambitious emcees who consistently make their case for being the next big thing. While the list of these artists is seemingly endless, one talent that undoubtedly stands out is Jayarson. His skills are unmatched, and after immersing ourselves in his music, it's clear that his competition in the industry pales in comparison.

Fortunately, Jayarson has blessed us with a brand new video single titled "Minnesota," released just a few weeks ago. Even though fans are already raving about it, we couldn't resist joining in on the excitement. The song brings a fresh and exhilarating sound to the southern rap scene, which comes as no surprise if you've heard any of Jayarson's previous hits.

Ultimately, "Minnesota" is an outstanding addition to Jayarson's ever-expanding discography. Both the song and the video are of top-notch quality, further highlighting Jayarson's incredible potential. It's a masterpiece for fans of New Orleans' renowned sound, and it's safe to say that Jayarson is an artist not to be underestimated, having built one of the most noteworthy career foundations in recent memory.

Connect with Jayarson on Instagram: @_JAYARSON

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