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New Orleans, LA Rapper/Entrepreneur OTB Lucci Drops "FTC"

New Orleans, LA native Otb Lucci drops visuals for "FTC" directed by @1j0nah. The more we keep my eyes on the blossoming Rap scene in New Orleans, the more we find ourselves discovering additional incredible artists taking the city by storm. Usually, we're put on to artists through features on songs with other rappers, but we've been trying our best to pay attention to other artists using other platforms. Recently, we came in contact with a rapper who goes by the name of Otb Lucci, and he’s definitely not a newcomer if you’ve paid attention to the booming music city, but he’s a new name to us, and going through his abundant archives of music over the long night gave us no choice but to talk about his most recent release.

Otb Lucci isn't your typical rapper now launching his own record label "Only The Beginning Records" and clothing line "Different Vision" and thats just to name a few business endeavors he is just getting into who knows what the future might bring for this young man.

This song, called “FTC’, is a banger in every sense of the word, although it’s uncharacteristic and out of the box nature might confuse listeners as to why after just one listen. Somehow, it lingers in the back of your mind for hours and hours, basically forcing you to revisit it and dissect through all of the incredible wordplays and lyricism.

We can’t wait to continue listening to all of his previous offerings while we wait to see what’s next up his sleeve, but he has already given us an insane new single, so that’ll keep us busy for the foreseeable future until he drops new music. Otb Lucci is going to do big things in the music industry and he’s definitely an artist you should have no choice but to keep an eye on, so get in tune with him on his latest single “FTC” as soon as possible.



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