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New Orleans, LA Rapper BabyBlitz Drops "M**der Bizz" Featuring PMPNut

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of New Orleans, Louisiana, the rising rapper BabyBlitz has just unleashed the visuals for his track "M**der Bizz," featuring PMPNut. BabyBlitz is swiftly gaining recognition as one of the city's most promising talents, even though his fan base might currently be somewhat niche. It's just a matter of time before his artistry breaks through to the global stage.

The title "M**der Bizz" signifies this fresh hit, and upon our initial listen, our instincts were proven right. What sets this song apart is the captivating change of pace that occurs midway, adding a layer of dynamism and impressiveness. The production blends cheerful keys with laid-back, breezy synths, invigorating percussion, and subtly impactful drums. This musical foundation sets the stage for BabyBlitz's voice to shine, captivating listeners from the very beginning to the final seconds of the track.

We've been avid supporters of BabyBlitz for quite some time now, and we're confident that he'll become a fan of NOLAZINE after reading this article. His remarkable ability to seamlessly switch up styles and adapt to different song types is truly unique. When we discovered his collaboration with PMPNut, we knew we had to give it a listen. This collaboration was destined to happen, given the immense talent possessed by both artists. We were sure that they not only would make this track work, but they would also make it shine brightly.


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