New Orleans, LA New Female Music Artist Souljah Sunny Drops Visuals To "Sweet Talk"

Updated: Jun 3

New Orleans, LA new female music artist Souljah Sunny drops visuals to "Sweet Talk" directed by Dr. Clipz. One of our favorite new artists is Souljah Sunny, if that isn’t clear from our support on her recent release "Perfect" Pic. We apologize because we're a few week late to this, but not too long ago New Orleans native Souljah Sunny Lou released a new music video for "Perfect" Pic. Souljah Sunny is one of the most unique artists in the music community right now regardless of the genre, her music can range anywhere from fun-loving + happy tracks, to a hard-knocking banger all the way over to that raw New Orleans/ Cash Money Flow type music.

Photographer: @QdotJones

This woman can truly do it all, she has displayed this to us time and time again & she continues to have success, think about it though, what other female rappers in the world do you think could make an ear-pleasing jam about in her voice quote "Slanging Them Things And You Know What Thats Bout", because we can’t think of any. Although we are in a weird time right now with all that’s been going on in the world, it’s dope that we can still have music like this that can take us away from all the other shit, we're so excited for Souljah Sunny's future releases & to see what she does from here. Watch this brand new music video below!


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