New Orleans, LA Native Lord Jigga Drops "WLP" (A Potent Visual)

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New Orleans, Louisiana native Lord Jigga releases visuals for "WLP" (A Potent Visual). Louisiana is a state that is filled with so much musical talent, it’s like you could be studying + supporting the scene for decades, but with the rapid rate that these talents are produced, you could just never keep up. This afternoon, we have a creative artist from the boot that goes by Lord Jigga who is making his return on NOLAZINE with his brand new release titled "WLP" (A Potent Visual). We were instantly impressed with Lord Jigga cutthroat rapping ability, he gave us three minutes and three seconds of pure bars, picking apart the beat perfectly in the process.

There is a moment when listening to a new artist that you realize just how impactful they will be and how true their intention is. Simply listening to their music grants you a glimpse into their passion, influences and sheer love of the music they create. This intimate connection we create with artists doesn’t happen often but when it does it is impossible to ignore. This brief preamble brings us to the subject of this post and our most recent discovery, Lord Jigga. Although not much is known about the incredibly talented Hip Hop Artist, one thing is certain, Lord Jigga is an artist to pay very close attention to and his latest single, "WLP" (A Potent Visual), is an impressionable example of an artist you are going to want to get familiar with.


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