New Orleans, LA Native Gemellus Drops Back To Back With "Motivated" And "Call Me Sumo"

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Photographer Credit: @Chxcky_Shot_Cha

New Orleans, Louisiana native Gemellus drops back to back with music videos to "Motivated" shot by @joewithdacam7 and "Call Me Sumo" shot by @one_shotfilmz. Rising Music Artist Gemellus has been applying more and more pressure when it comes to releasing content over the past few months or so, and this morning he is back on NOLAZINE with both of his brand new music videos. Gemellus has been making himself more known in the New Orleans music community as of late, his rap flow is a head turner & catches people attention to say the least, mix that with his fantastic ear for production mainly working with New Orleans producers such as @FirstClassRossy and @KnowledgIsBorn, and it makes sense how he time & time again provides bangers.

Watch "Motivated" Music Video Below:

Gemellus proves to understand how to put out a high quality track and video effortlessly, and it’s hard not to root for him because of this. His lyrics are on point as they are catchy, and the visuals here are very well put together and pair perfectly with the music.

Watch "Call Me Sumo" Music Video Below:

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