New Orleans, LA Music Artists JayArson & Jakk Jo Releases Visuals To "Mannie Williams"

Updated: May 14

We honestly don’t think we have been this excited to write about something as we are for the song that’s making its way onto our pages today. The moment we heard this one, We knew it was special, which is why we are so hype to be able to bring it onto Nolazine TV on this wonderful New Music Sunday.

Initially, we heard the buzz around the song "Mannie Williams", but we are so grateful that we're not able to say that anymore. Led by the dynamic duo of JayArson & Jakk Jo, the New Orleans, LA bred artists music video is ready to take advantage of their already built up momentum and turn it into pure greatness. The release of their newest video definitely proved that. The song, entitled “Mannie Williams” was inspired by music producers Mannie Fresh & Pharrell Williams . From start to finish you will be hooked onto what these guys created. After our first time hearing it, We knew that listeners everywhere would be instantly captivated by its melodic nature while becoming charged up by its high octane presence at the same time. "Mannie Williams" is set apart when it comes to production and exceeds our expectations when it comes to the vocal talents that are put on display as well.

We couldn’t say enough good things about this track. It’s truly a great showing for JayArson & Jakk Jo and we're so hype for what these guys have cooking up for the future. If you want to watch to the new video, We have attached "Mannie Williams" down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!




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