New Orleans, LA Music Artist TATYANNA XL Returns With "HALF"

After taking a mildly-long hiatus, New Orleans, LA music artist TATYANNA XL is finally back on our website today with her brand new music video for "HALF". TATYANNA XL is an artist who we first got familiar with after seeing her release her scorching hot music video "B.G Flow" about year ago, and ever since then, We became a big fan, so needless to say while she was not making music We (selfishly) did not enjoy it. However, that is in the past ever since releasing this new song + video a week ago, and it’s clear that TATYANNA XL has not lose a step in the least bit. This song is super hot and she provided us with a couple of solid verses + a memorable hook, and the abstractness of the music video matched it perfectly. We are extremely happy that TATYANNA XL is back to doing what she loves.


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